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  Order Aadhaar Copy On PVC Plastic Card Online

Order Your Aadhaar Copy On PVC Cards

  • Download E-Aadhaar from UIDAI portal for each UID number
  • Register with and upload E-Aadhaar files
  • Pay card making charges @ Rs 50 per card
  • Tax, Shipping Charge, Transaction Charges as applicable
  • Track your order online through your personal account
  • For repeated orders you may register as sales partner

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    Date: 25-july-16

    From: Pramod Pal
    "Dear PrintMyAadhar Team,
    I want thank you all for the excellent service I received from your side Card has been delivered before expectation.Very good."

    Date: 18-july-16

    From: Jaison Gomez
    "The Quality is good. I am fully satisfied with this."

    Date: 13-july-16

    From: Sandeep Das
    "Hello Team,
    I have used your service twice already and just wanted to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with it. I am from Pune and ordered the PVC Aadhaar for my family. In both the cases I opted for Blue Dart as the delivery channel. I must say that I am very impressed with your service, within 10 min of making the payment I could see that the status was cards printed and ready to be shipped. And on the very next day(within 24 hours) I had the cards in my hand. We get similar cards printed in Pune as well, but I must say the quality of the cards I received is much better. Thank you and keep up the good work"

    Date: 13-june-16

    From: Akbar Rabbani
    "Hello Team,
    To be frank i was at first reluctant to place my order as i was not so satisfied seeing all positive comments for your service/product. I mean how can any service be 100% positive. I then made up my mind placed my order finally keeping my fingers crossed. I must say i was overwhelmed by your Service. I now know why you have all positive comments. Not only did i receive the Cards the very next day but the quality of the plastic used and the Print Job is very good. 100% satisfied. I have already recommended to my family and friends regarding your service.
    Once Again Thank you for such a Perfect Job. 100% Satisfied."

    Date: 10-june-16

    From: Mohd Parwez Alam
    "Quick service & best quality."

    Date: 10-june-16

    From: Md NoorSalam
    "Frenz its very good ihv ordered and delivered the quality is very good best than pan card."

    Date: 10-june-16

    From: Ramesh Kumar Rai
    "Dear Sir Thanks that you have send me the Reshipped order in record time. I appreciate your professionalism. The quality was great. Best thing was your customer care. I salute you and your whole team. I will also love to introduce your company to my friends and relatives. You all are OUTSTANDING. One more request about the courier. First flight is better than DTDC, so if you can kindly prefer using FIRST FLIGHT."

    Date: 03-june-16

    From: Varun Kumar Sharma
    "The service of this website is really good i am fully satisfied with this."

    Date: 01-june-16

    From: Bikram Raj
    "Very good and perfect i received my card only in 4 days...gr8 job keep it up."

    Date: 30-May-16

    From: Bharatkumar Jain
    "बहुत ही अच्छी site हैं मैंने 26 ता. को apply किया था और 28 ता. को हमारे कार्ड आ भी गए। Weldon keep it up. I really appropriate the efforts made by printmyaadhar for very very quick response. Thank you very much."

    Date: 26-May-16

    From: Dibya Darshan Dinda
    "Good service, I got my card within 3 days after order, charge also resonable, thanks."

    Date: 25-May-16

    From: Guru Thakur
    "I place my order im the website and its delivered within 2 days With nice quality and good caption of photo."

    Date: 12-May-16

    From: Kapil Kawatra
    "Received my 2nd order & pretty happy with it. Just 1 suggestion, provide pouch sleeves as well along with cards like PAN."

    Date: 11-May-16

    From: Kathir M
    "We had received my adhaar card. Thanks, good job keep it up."

    Date: 11-May-16

    "I am fully satisfied to your service thanks ...I received print aadhar card."

    Date: 09-May-16

    From: Iqbal Bashir
    "Thanks a lot, received both the cards with super quality print."

    Date: 09-May-16

    From: Manish Thakur
    "I recive my aadhar card , the quality of card is owsome , i recommend to my friends and family to print this types card .."

    Date: 07-May-16

    "Sir, I here by acknowledge the receipt of my aadhaar card printed on plastic. The quality of work is very good and safe dispatch by Indian post.."

    Date: 07-May-16

    From: R Krishnakumari
    "Thank u, i got the cards which is of good quality once again thank u, for the fast and early action, for reprocessing the order and re dispatch surely, i will recommend ur company for my friends and relatives for pvc aadhaar card."

    Date: 26-Apr-16

    From: Jiwan Prakash P
    "I had ordered for my aadhar card to be printed in PVC Card and I am thankful to you that it has come out too good to be described."

    Date: 25-Apr-16

    From: Shankar M
    "Please be informed that I have received my PVC Aadhaar cards which I ordered on Sat, 23 April 2016. I record my sincere appreciations for the prompt & efficient service offered by your company."

    Date: 20-Apr-16

    From: Rajesh Massey
    "I have placed my order (for 1 card) on 14th April 2016, and on 19th April I have received my order. Truly appreciate your super-fast service and most importantly the quality of work which you have offered. Extremely satisfied."

    Date: 20-Apr-16

    From: pravin tez
    "Received the cards today .. Very excellent work done by the team of print my Aadhar .. The quality of the cards is very good..I Wil advice many other people to go for it... Thanks you so much. "

    Date: 20-Apr-16

    "Thanks a lot for the fulfill the request in time, I was receive the consignment on 18th April 16 and late to inform you, due to some personal work. I am assure you that I am trying my best for given other order in near future when it possible for me. "

    Date: 18-Apr-16

    From: Jeyakumar B
    "I have received my printed aadhar card today . Thanks for your wonderful support. "

    Date: 13-Apr-16

    From: J.K. Chattopadhyay
    "Just received the cards. Amazed at your efficiency! Fantastic service! Please keep it up."

    Date: 31-Mar-16

    From: Hussain Amjad
    "I have recived my order,so nice my adhaar card printing i like this."

    Date: 30-Mar-16

    From: ChefPurnendu J
    "Nice card. I appreciate your service & printing."

    Date: 30-Mar-16

    From: Sneh Kumar K
    "Card quality and service is too good...thanx."

    Date: 25-Mar-16

    From: Lakhwinder Singh Hundal
    " I have received my aadhar card within a week ,good quality and good printing .thanks team printmyaadhar."

    Date: 18-Mar-16

    From: Anand S
    " I have received the cards and it is fabulous. With in short duration you have done the job and i am happy on receiving the same."

    Date: 18-Mar-16

    From: Jayasimha
    "Today I have received my aadhaar, its very nice printed and I am happy for your work and service, keep good working."

    Date: 14-Mar-16

    From: Erasmo M
    "Received mine and the family aadhaar cards today, it took a week because I selected the EMS of the Postal service. The reason for this being they deliver to any part of India so I was sure of getting delivery unlike private courier operators. The delivery packaging was excellent not forgetting the quality of the plastic aadhaar cards, just beautiful. I cannot wait to show them off to my close relatives and friends and I am hoping that they too will make their cards with PrintMyAadhaar."

    Date: 14-Mar-16

    From: Sakesh B
    "Recently I availed your services regarding printing of Adhar card on PVC and further dispatching of the same. Your services are very prompt and less time consuming.I would like to recommend the same to my friends and family circle."

    Date: 14-Mar-16

    From: Venkadesh K
    "I got u r shipment just now and it is very nice and also printing quality is also so good. I will further continue my order."

    Date: 04-Mar-16

    From: Dhasian B
    "Today I have received my Aadheer card. It's very nice in print.Quality is so good."

    Date: 03-Mar-16

    From: Sree Chandu
    "I received the courier and the print quality of the card is good. Thanks a lot for your customer support."

    Date: 02-Mar-16

    From: Avoy Roy

    Date: 01-Mar-16

    From: Suresh N
    "I am happy with your fast service as well as quality of card. Please keep it up."

    Date: 11-Feb-16

    From: sandeep kumar
    "I received my order of 3 cards. Thanks for quick service. Quality of print is very clean and clear."

    Date: 06-Feb-16

    From: Nitin J
    "thanks for your prompt i will get my card."

    Date: 05-Feb-16

    From: Arun kumar
    "Much thanks and appreciate for your prompt turn around."

    Date: 23-JAN-16

    From: Ankan B
    "Today I have received my card. It is very nice in print. Quality is so good. I definitely order cards from your company in future. I will definitely refer my friends for your product."

    Date: 05-JAN-16

    From: Mihir F
    "VERY GOOD SERVICE.received.thx."

    Date: 29-DEC-15

    From: Tapan H
    "Today I received the order. Thank you for your quick response. This performance inspired me to inform my friends and well-wishers about this."

    Date: 24-DEC-15

    From: Parasmal R, Rajasthan
    "Today I received my card very nice and lovely I am appreciate good job also I talk to my family other member for make this type card"

    Date: 24-DEC-15

    From: Nitin Patel, Mumbai
    "This is to inform you that I have received my CARD.I am very impressed with the quality services you are providing, I have also recommended on my Facebook wall."

    Date: 21-DEC-15

    From: Vikas D
    "Waooo....nic sir I collect my card so much harder&beautiful I like this& ur work...thanking u sir & for ur team"

    Date: 21-DEC-15

    From: RUFUS J
    "Wonderful service, and you are lightning fast.Keep it up!!!!!"

    Date: 21-DEC-15

    From: Joginder Kumar
    "I received my PVC aadhaar card on 18 the DEC. Its so nice & good in quality. Thanx for that & so fast processing."

    Date: 19-DEC-15

    From: Ankit j, Pune
    "Hi Team,
    Thanks for the print.Quality of card is very gud. Much appreciated."

    Date: 18-DEC-15

    From: Arun B, Haryana
    "Your service is good and I'm happy with it. Now I Printed all my family members Aadhaar in pvc cards.I had referred to my office colleagues and my relatives to use your portal......Soon see u with some others order."

    Date: 17-DEC-15

    From: Amit J
    "Obvious I bought more people to make PVC adharcard"

    Date: 16-DEC-15

    From: Chandrasinh B
    "I received my card today. its so nice and good printing quality. thanks cozyprint team well done. It's so cool"

    Date: 15-DEC-15

    From: Bharat J, Maharastra
    "Hey item received very good quality.Thanks for better service.Next time give 6+ order..."

    Date: 15-DEC-15

    From: Ahmedraza K
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    Date: 14-DEC-15

    From: Shammi T
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    Date: 10-DEC-15

    From: Keshav M, Bangalore
    "Received, Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."

    Date: 10-DEC-15

    From: Dinesh G, Rajasthan
    "i received my All UID's.Good service, Best of Luck!!"

    Date: 09-DEC-15

    From: Sunil Y

    Date: 07-DEC-15

    From: Shiv C
    "I received my Aadhaar card Very quck. & Printing Quality is Very Good ,i reffer my friends & other for print his Aadhaar Card at you."

    Date: 06-DEC-15

    From: Shankar L
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    Date: 05-DEC-15

    From: Mihir F, Raipur
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    Date: 03-DEC-15

    From: S. P Lade

    Date: 03-DEC-15

    From: Arun S, Patna
    "Thanks , I have received my Order today. Excellent , see you soon with more and more orders.."

    Date: 28-NOV-15

    From: Yamuna N, Haryana
    "Dear Team, Good job well done."

    Date: 20-NOV-15

    From: Ashwini K
    "Thanks for your excellent service , please also design for the printed cover for these cards"

    Date: 31-OCT-15

    From: Pavan K
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    Date: 20-OCT-15

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    ​Date: 23-SEP-15

    From: Satish, Chennai
    "I was searching in google ​and i came upon your company website​,​ first i was apprehensive then i applied for me . And i got the card when i showed it to my friends they were astonished by such a stupendous work done in such a fast and quick time.
    Sir special mention for the speed by which your team has done the work. After this i have applied for 8 cards of my family me​m​bers and that order is executed and the cover is dispatched.
    Sir definitely i will recommend a minimum of 80-90 cards of my fellow colleagues.
    Last but not the least my heartiest congratulations to your team for such a fantastic work ."