Inviting Partners

inviting partners
inviting partners
There is a very good interest among citizens to have E-Aadhaar copy in PVC card format due to many advantages a PVC card has compared to paper copy. You can be part of this fast growing business demand by partnering with PrintMyAadhaar. We will help you on technology and you concentrate on your business.
Partner with us to have good business in Aadhaar PVC Card printing to your local customers. We have two models to work with us.
Sales Partner
If you do not want to invest on Printer and just want to offer Aadhaar PVC print service to your local customers, you may choose to be Sales Partner

Service Partner
If you can invest on PVC Card printer and CozyPrint software, you may choose to be Service Partner. If you are interested to be part of digital revolution then you may choose to go with online service with your own brand name.

Sales Partner

  • Register as sales partner
  • Sell Aadhaar card printing to your customers
  • Collect payment and E-Aadhaar files
  • Upload E-Aadhaar files on partner portal
  • Pay total charges online
  • Get cards delivered to your address
  • Distribute printed cards to your customers
  • Earn sales commission for each order
  • No need to purchase printer or software
  • Should have System/Laptop with internet connection
  • Register as sales partner to create your online account
  • Pay activation fee after login to the portal
  • Recharge online account to maintain balance for next order

     Useful for
  • Xerox/Copy centres
  • Citizen service providers
  • Any enthusiastic individuals

service partner

Service partner

You can choose to become service partner to provide Aadhaar card printing service to your customers similar to PrintMyAadhaar. We are offering 2 models for service partner.
Option 1 : Offline counter service model

Start your own ​business counter to print Aadhaar copy on PVC cards.
  • If you have any business center such as copy center, Internet center or any such business services in a good location you can certainly get started with this option.

  • You should first purchase CozyPrint ( E-Aadhaar PVC copy making software and have PVC card printer with you. You can purchase CozyPrint software, PVC card printer or PVC card printer bundles from our online shopping card

  • With this setup you can start taking card printing orders from your neighborhood and earn margin on each copy.

  • You can charge your customers per card and help your neighborhood to get their E-Aadhaar copies on PVC cards.

  • If you have Card printer already, you just need to buy CozyPrint software or you can also buy card printer and CozyPrint software bundle to get started​

  • You can purchase consumables such as pre-printed PVC cards and card printer ribbons as per requirement. Please refer to and for more details.
Counter Service Flow business partner
Option 2 : Online digital service model

Start your own portal​ such as​
  • You should have business counter setup as mentioned in Option 1 above to be able to offer the online card printing service.

  • You can then subscribe to online shopping cart portal from us to offer online card printing service under your own brand name.

  • We will help you in setting up complete website, portal and payment integration for your business.

Requirements to become service partner after sign up

1. Register for shopping cart solution by paying one time registration
2. Own your own domain name
3. Host your main website to use for marketing
4. Integrate with payment gateway
5. Integrate with PrintMyAadhaar partner portal
6. Start selling online by paying per card service charge

What will be provided by us?

1.We will develop main website with your own logo and brand name
2. We will integrate with our shopping cart platform and payment gateway
3. We will give training on portal usage and daily operations
4. We will help you with domain, hosting and website design
5. Entire technology management is on our head and you just concentate on sales and
Online Service Flow business partner